[How to make potatoes and tofu]_ potato tofu _ how to do _ how to do

[How to make potatoes and tofu]_ potato tofu _ how to do _ how to do

Tofu and potatoes are two common home-cooked dishes. You can usually make fried tofu with potatoes. The choice of tofu is mainly water tofu. This way, it will be more tender and taste completely. The old soy sauce is needed.Can increase the color of dishes, which will help to open up appetite.

Both potatoes and tofu need to be cut into small cubes and slowly simmered over low heat.

Ingredients: Potato Ingredients: Water Tofu Seasoning: Old soy sauce (stirred soy sauce), consomme, salt, ginger, seasoning oil, water starch, each appropriate amount Method: Peel potatoes and water tofu, cut into diced shapes for use.

Add an appropriate amount of vegetable oil to the wok over heat. When the oil temperature rises to 4 layers, heat the cut potatoes and diced water tofu into the oil and fry them. When the golden red color is removed, control the oil and set aside.

Leave the base oil in the pot and fry the ground ginger to add the flavor. Add the appropriate amount of broth, soy sauce, boil the salt, skim off the scum, and dip the potatoes and tofu into a small fire. Stir in the water with starch.Stir in the seasoning oil.

Features: This dish is ruddy, soft and fragrant.

Nutrition and health: Potatoes are rich in lysine and tryptophan, which are incomparable to ordinary vegetables.

Potatoes also contain potassium, zinc, iron and other nutrients.

Potatoes have the effect of relieving the stomach, adjusting the spleen, strengthening the qi, and have healing effects on gastric ulcers, habitual constipation, hot cough and skin eczema.

The cellulose contained in potatoes is delicate, has no stimulating effect on digestive mucosa, and has the effect of relieving pain or reducing gastric acid secretion.

Regular potatoes have become an adjuvant therapy for stomach cancer.

Tofu is a tonic heat-reinforcing food. If eaten regularly, it can replenish qi and heat, moisturize dryness, rejuvenate thirst, and clean the stomach.

More suitable for thermal constitution, bad breath, thirst, gastrointestinal dysfunction, and nursed back to health after eating.

Modern medicine has confirmed that in addition to the functions of increasing nutrition, helping digestion, and increasing appetite, tofu is also very beneficial to the growth and development of teeth and bones.