[Can fresh ume be eaten directly]_Dietary attention_Set

[Can fresh ume be eaten directly]_Dietary attention_Set

Most plums have a sour taste such as ume and bayberry, but these plums have a special effect that is to quench the thirst.

So even if the plums are very sour, these plums are also welcomed by everyone, and ebony is often made into candied fruit by everyone.

However, in the late spring and early summer, fresh ume may be sold in large quantities, but can fresh ume be consumed directly?

Can fresh ume be eaten directly?

Black plum is a kind of sage plum. People generally don’t know much about the efficacy, effects and taboos of black plum, especially the taboo of black plum, which is blank for many people and has no understanding.

Because I do n’t know what the reason is, in our real life, we have never eaten fresh ume, some are vacuum-packed ume in the store, and there are powders that everyone can eat ume, think that drinks and so on, theseThey are all eaten by ume, and many people know how to eat ume, and these ume are processed. The nutritional value is far worse than fresh ume. Actually, we do n’t know ume.There are many more ways.

Can fresh ume be eaten directly? Fresh ume is also a fruit. In ancient times, people began to consume ume.

Blackberry can not only be eaten alone, but also can be cooked into soups. It can be seen that the food value of blackberry is very high.

Wu Mei has a role that everyone knows, and that is the role of quenching thirst.

The effect of ume plum1. The odor of ume plum to quench thirst ume can stimulate saliva secretion, and to quench thirst.

Commonly used in the treatment of thirst and drinking, such as diabetes, fever thirst, dry throat and so on.

In summer, ume plum decoction can be used as a drink to quench summer thirst.

2, ume plum cough ume plum astringent astringent, can astringent lung cough and used for lung deficiency and long cough with little sputum or dry cough without sputum, often with Pinellia ternate, almond and so on.

But be careful with empirical evidence.

3, ume plum diarrhea ume plum can astringent intestinal diarrhea, can be used for spleen deficiency, chronic diarrhea, chronic stasis or large bowel diarrhea, or even anal prolapse.

In recent years, some people have used Wumei Wan in “Treatise on Febrile Diseases” as a basic prescription for the treatment of non-complication colitis, and have achieved significant results.

4, Wumei analgesic can relieve abdominal pain.

Insects get acidic, use black plums with asarum, Sichuan pepper, Coptis chinensis, aconite, etc. to treat the biliary tract or cause abdominal pain caused by roundworm, vomiting and even cold limbs.

Two can promote blood circulation and stop stasis.

Black plum can soften bone spurs, improve blood circulation, reduce edema and treat heel pain.

Take 200 grams of ume, fry it with 2000 ml of water for 40 minutes, filter to remove residue, and add 200 ml of vinegar. When the temperature of the liquid is suitable, soak the heel, once a night, about every 1 hour (the liquid can be heated repeatedly).

5. Ume stop bleeding Ume stir-fried charcoal can treat blood in the stool.

Treatment of dysfunctional uterine bleeding, re-use fried ume to 30 grams with ginseng, Poria, papaya, erythrolipid, Yu Yuliang and other decoction; treat chronic hematuria caused by chronic glomerulonephritis, and proteinuria persistent, in the syndromeJoin the ume coal, cicadas each 6?
The effect of 10 grams is remarkable, which is related to the experimental evidence that black plum can help renal tubular epithelial cell proliferation and enhance the ability of renal tubules to reabsorb subtle substances.