[Can you eat shrimp with sore throat]_Sore throat_Can you eat

[Can you eat shrimp with sore throat]_Sore throat_Can you eat

There are many reasons for people’s sore throats. The most common ones are colds and fevers, throat inflammation, tonsillitis and other diseases. Although these diseases do not threaten people’s lives, they are still very harmful to the human body.

When you feel a sore throat, you should use medicine to treat it in time.

In addition to using drugs, you should also pay more attention to your usual diet. Some ingredients cannot be eaten.

So, if you have a sore throat, can you eat shrimp?

A cold is an acute respiratory infection caused by a virus. The symptoms of the cold include cough, dizziness, sore throat, fatigue, and stuffy nose. It is a common infectious disease in spring.

Rain, cold, and excessive fatigue can all cause colds, and a little carelessness can cause more serious respiratory problems.

Shrimp is a kind of arthropod crustacean living in the water. There are many types of shrimp, such as kiwi shrimp, river shrimp, crayfish and pipfish. It has high nutritional value and can also be used.For Chinese medicinal materials, shrimp has a variety of methods and delicious taste, which is very popular with people. It is called “Licorice in Vegetables”.

If you have a cold throat inflammation, you ca n’t eat shrimp. Shrimp is a hair product. For this acute tonsillitis, eating food that will worsen the disease, so you ca n’t eat shrimp if you have a cold throat inflammation.

At the same time, drinking, smoking and avoiding spicy foods and fried foods such as coffee, cold drinks and chocolate should be avoided.

For cold throat inflammation, you should eat soft and juicy things. The diet is mainly light. Eat more fruits such as Yali, apples, sugar cane and olives, which have heat-removing and fire-extinguishing effects. Drinking honey water can usually have a very good treatment effect.

In addition, try not to go to a place with a lot of people to prevent being infected. In normal life, we should exercise more, strengthen our immunity, and go outdoors to breathe fresh air. Only when our immunity has increased and our body has improved for these diseasesWill stay away from us.