Prevent senile cataracts what to eat?This super effective prevention of food (1)


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  Everyone in daily life, the physical changes of the elderly is very obvious, there are a lot of older people there will be a number of diseases, after his old age, because of declining physical fitness, will result in reducing the body's immune system, the most common is senile cataract the cause eye can not see, seriously affected the healthy living。Today, you want to introduce is to prevent the elderly cataract can eat what food, what nutrients are essential for the prevention of cataracts, come look at it。
  For the elderly cataract is to see things blurred just one of the more common form of symptoms, from mild to severe cataracts due, so cataract symptoms at different times is not the same, here we simply look。
  1, in early stage: the Lens peripheral portion is wedge-shaped cortical opacity patient, from the center tip, generally normal vision。
When the progress of the pupil area, decreased vision, cataract symptoms may appear monocular diplopia, multi-view, in front of a shadow。  2, the expansion of: a majority of cataract symptoms becomes clouded lens cortex was visible water cracking phenomenon, anterior chamber is shallow。Law shines when checking the projection phenomenon known as the iris, cataract patient's vision will be decreased。
  3, maturity: cataract patients with normal anterior chamber depth, iris projection disappeared cataract patients, visual acuity index / 1 meter, but also the symptoms of cataracts。
  4, hypermature: liquefied lens cortex, calcification, sinking nuclei, anterior chamber becomes deeper, iris tremor。Due to dissolution of lens cortex spills, cataract symptoms can cause autoimmune uveitis or glaucoma crystals Solubility。  Elderly prevent cataracts how to eat one, eat more foods rich in vitamin C ^。  Prevention of cataracts should pay attention to diet, patients in their daily diet should pay attention to eat foods rich in vitamin?Food, because vitamin?Preventing cataract formation effect, suffering from cataract formation due to light and oxygen to generate long-term effect on the lens caused, and foods rich in vitamin C ^ can be reduced light and oxygen damage to the lens, which to some extent, can prevent cataracts and development, prevention of cataract patients in their daily diet should eat more tomatoes, jujube, prickly pear, there is to eat more fresh green vegetables。
  2, moderate consumption of beer or wine。  Moderate consumption of red wine can reduce the probability of cataract humans, studies have shown that teetotalers, alcoholics is a higher probability of occurrence of cataract, but moderate consumption of red wine, then you can halve the probability of occurrence, so in order to prevent cataracts, everyone in their daily the diet should be noted that moderate drinking of beer or wine。
  3, eat foods rich in selenium, zinc。  When the body selenium, zinc deficiency levels, there will be significantly reduced glutathione in lens hydrogenase activity, zinc deficiency can promote cataract formation, and therefore should pay attention to the prevention of eating more asparagus, mushrooms, corn on diet , fish, shrimp and other foods containing selenium, also should eat peanuts, walnuts, herring, sardines, lean meat, oysters and other foods containing zinc。  Mainly to explain to the above is the three kinds of food to prevent cataracts, cataracts prevent this problem which foods you can eat, for this disease cataract everyone in daily life should pay attention to prevention, and on prevention in addition to diet, should also be develop good habits with the eyes, suffering from eye disease should pay attention to treatment。

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