Bryant embrace responsibility!Thanks to the Lakers F4 lost his crown in the past 14 years is still hard to let go


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  Beijing March 21, according to "LakersNation" reported that Kobe Bryant – Bryant has admitted that the 2004 NBA Finals Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Detroit Pistons, the responsibility is all about him, he did not allow his teammates to make adequate preparations, champion this is the Lakers。
  After the 2003 championship defeat, the Lakers big recruiting, Hall of Fame star – Gary Payton and Karl – Malone to vote。
But the result, Payton has been unable to integrate into the triangle offense, Malone's injury affected the running of the Lakers。
Despite their way into the finals, but with a total score 1-4 loss piston, missed the championship。
  14 years later, Bryant still can not let go of this defeat。 Recently and Shaquille – O'Neal accepted with "PlayersOnly" interview, Bryant initiative to assume full responsibility crashed out of the finals that year。   "That loss to Detroit, all my fault," Bryant said. "I do not let his teammates prepare to move on。
I could not let Gary and Carl new aid so fully integrated into the team, to carry out technical and tactical correctly。
After the series moved to Detroit, they put a lot of pressure on our offense and our lack of preparation。
Since then, we gave up resistance。 These are my responsibility, that year the championship this is our。
"In 2004 Finals defeat also declared the collapse of the Lakers dynasty, O'Neal, Malone, Payton and Phil Jackson – have left the Lakers bogged down period until the 2007-08 season only to return to the top row of the tyrannical。
Subsequently, Bryant led the team to three consecutive NBA finals, two wins, which is the final glory today Lakers。
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