Sir underdog played not even pull three Walled Anthony 39 points behind the Nuggets 1 to 3


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  Ticker on April 26, the Jazz at home to 117-106 victory over the Nuggets, big score 3-1 lead, cut in sight。
  Jazz is not good luck with tenacious fighting spirit won three games, Carlos – Carlos Boozer scored 31 points, 13 rebounds and 5 assists, Deron – Williams 24 points and 13 assists, CJ- Mai Wales 21 points, Wesley – Matthews 18 points。
  Nuggets face the fate of being eliminated。 Carmelo – Carmelo Anthony scored 39 points and 11 rebounds, but the error has up to 9 times。 Chauncey – Chauncey Billups and Kenyon – Martin each had 14 points, Nene – Hilario 10 points and 11 rebounds。   After two straight sets, as long as the Nuggets Anthony believes some minor adjustments will be able to reverse the situation。
But today he's still no change, either offensive or defensive not satisfactory。
Face less two Lord of the Jazz, Nuggets still helpless。
  Sir suffer heavy casualties, Mehmet – Okur and Andrei – Andrei Kirilenko failed to play, but they are more tenacious fighting spirit, lost the first battle has not let them frustrated。
  Nuggets today a good start, a play on Anthony chopped 5 points, the Nuggets 10-2 to start。 Anthony has since frequently hit the first section had 12 points for Houston。
This section and 7 minutes and 11 seconds, the Nuggets also 18-11 lead, but then they lost the feeling in 3 minutes without a point。
Sir seize the opportunity to play a wave of 8-0 to 19-18 overtake。
After the Nuggets failed to get back the feeling, this section last 3 minutes and 30 seconds they almost wiped out, only to fall behind in this section there are 25-31 seconds when Anthony hit a ball,。   Section II as well as 5 minutes 04 seconds, with a fine cast Smith scored 3 points, the Nuggets 41-44 lead into。 This is the smallest gap since the two teams after the Nuggets missed a row, the Jazz also completed a 7-0 attack wave, extended the advantage to 10 points。
This section last 2 minutes and 30 seconds, a total of only two teams to hit a ball。
Nuggets first half to fall behind 45-54。   The second half, the Nuggets do not have any signs of a rebound, jazz 得理不饶人 soon throw off opponents。 More than half of the third quarter, Boozer shot succeed and cause foul after the vote with a penalty scored 3 points, the Jazz to 74-54 obtain 20 points of advantage。
Nuggets finally narrow the gap to 15 points, but the last four minutes of this section has been Sir blow after three, behind them to 68-86。   Nuggets massive counterattack in the last one, Smith and Anthony hit third in succession, play a wave of 11-4, chasing the score 79-90。 In the case of the defense has been unable to establish that they can only strengthen the attack。 Competition also 4 minutes and 25 seconds, Martin hit two free throws after the two, only to 95-102 behind the Nuggets。
  Nuggets comeback too late。 Even after the Jazz scored four points, in turn expand the advantage to double digits。
Although the Nuggets thereafter turn narrow the gap to 7 points, but unable to comeback。   [] [] [] [] (Angkor)。

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