Wu excellent drama story now Flip users refer to "high-energy"


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  Ingenious interpretation Cologne soul Flip Guards make friends address him high-energy "fragrance Jian Yu," about the mysterious master of paradox Iraq winds (either Kai Yan ornaments) because fragrance sword was taken away from his beloved wife, Sun Min and white Woman (Wu excellent ornaments) and so on Center Stage Villa knight soon, to join hands in fight against day to teach, to see through the conspiracy wife Xueruo Bi (Tang Jingjing ornaments) through numerous trials and eventually grow into the hero of the story of salvation。 Opened in 2018 as a martial arts drama, the show since the line by virtue of the story funny Huan off fancy contracted friends humor。
Everyone to play brain-hole wide open world fascinated Cologne, praised the show ingenious way to write a love Cologne, Cologne reshape the soul, is a rare new breed of martial arts drama。   "Jian Yu fragrance" finale sloppily articles not broadcast before the fire, can not wait to see the finale of the tour netizens anger brush 12 set trailer。
Tablets, Iraq Wind, Sun Min, Xueruo Bi YORK enter between peaks unseen, stand the test of dreams and reality, staged a "martial arts version Inception"。 Bai Xiaosheng, Ximen such legendary figures have been involved in this battle martial arts pinnacle of the incarnation of God assists pointing universe。
Watching the trailer of netizens can not help small heart throb, call: sloppily articles also high-energy story than I thought ah!The Guards Flip simply overwhelmed, to send screenwriter greatly knee friends!  Wu excellent, any words still hung Kai rivers and lakes, "Justice League" to "Pirates of the Caribbean Mission Center Stage", "fragrance Jian Yu," Wu Kai excellent and any statement of rivers and lakes love has touched the hearts of netizens。
Finale notice, the illusion out from between the unseen heroes in air to Iraq finally see his heart, on the boats caught off guard on Center Stage Hills Sun Min to declare, however, it seems to have scruples Sun Min。
Like this "Moe hate CP" netizens can not help but anxious for them to catch, Taking a loudspeaker, "the Iraqi heroes, sensitive sister together quickly!"。
There are many little friends said: Iraq hopes the wind and Xueruo Bi compound, CP support for this love to kill one's first love。
Iraq wind emotional problems simply so that a minority girl who lost a lot of trouble, we could not help but joked: "Iraq simply walk away with little wind brother, to our own good!"In addition to fix games like fascinating emotional drama, drama Center Stage Hills knight who cosplay collective also led to netizens hot。 "Justice League" group of heroes to the task transvestites, the embodiment of "Pirates of the Caribbean Mission Center Stage" hot open group, exhibition skills Comedy God "fooled" the enemy。 However, as the Center Stage Villa with large corporations struggle to teach war days of gradually heating up, bereavement, Tang pure, Asan etc. have sacrificed knight, collar lunch rate is very much distressed, and also shows the extent of the brutality of this ultimate battle of martial arts。
Stay faithful dog Meng Zhong Jing teenager suspected blackened, betrayal Center Stage Villa, dance and magic of the story, it is contrary to all expectations。
But most users are still looking forward to Sun Min, Iraq is about to break wind in a given territory in self-hanging open counter-attack, launched a desperate battle with the big boss。 We can not help but look forward to the hand-wringing: This time, the fragrance of the legendary sword scabbard finally!  Wind and Sun Min Iraq can beat the big boss king level?They eventually be able to do together?Users are eager to see "fragrance Jian Yu" finale, the answer, in contrast, will be announced tonight!。

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