Champions League – Messi Dembele scored two goals in a 3-0 win over Barcelona eliminated Chelsea


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  Beijing at 3:45 on March 15 (Spain local time at 20:45 on the 14th), two thousand and seventeen eighteenths Champions League 1/8 final, second leg of a focus on fighting one battle at the Nou Camp, Barcelona 3-0 home win Chelsea, Messi scored twice and assists Dembele scored, Alonso hit the door frame, respectively, and Rudiger。 Barcelona score 4-1 Chelsea。   Prior to World War Barcelona 31 at home against England team only lost twice against Liverpool are the remaining 29 games with 19 wins and 10 draws。
Chelsea had six fighting off Barcelona 4 draws and 2 losses without victory。
Barcelona nearly 24 Champions League home made 22 wins, 2 unbeaten。 Barcelona-off first leg Chelsea flat, Dembele playing rotation。 Chelsea Pedro playing rotation only Giroux。   Barcelona lead the opening 128 seconds, Messi kicked the wall with the right trying to play with Dembele, Suarez pass, Macy small angle near the bottom right side of the penalty area low shot, the ball across the net from between his legs Courtois。
Chelsea lost the ball after a counterattack launched, Azar pass, long-range confiscated by William。
Fabregas pass, Azar outside shot is also blocked。
  The first 20 minutes to expand the score Barcelona, Fabregas mistakes lost the ball, Messi left the restricted area to break through the cross, follow-up Dembele launched into the upper left corner from 12 yards, 2-0。
Iniesta left heel pass into the restricted area, Suarez small angle shot was denied by the legs Courtois。 Iniesta left the restricted area missed oblique。
William return left the restricted area, Alonso 12 yards shot saved root Teershite。
Before halftime, the outer right kick hit the column pop Alonso 25 yards。   Second Half。
Courtois bad, after Suarez intercepted Courtois single-handedly shot was denied by the legs。 The first 49 minutes, after kicking the wall with William sent forward pass, Alonso turned 12 yards to break through in the fall Pique defense, the referee refused a penalty, Giroux dissatisfaction penalty was booked Conti also rampage to protest on the sidelines。
Iniesta was replaced Paulinho, Massey took over the captain's armband。
Fabregas pass, Azar left the restricted area small-angle shot slightly higher。   Busquets injured and replaced Gomez。
Azar passing, 10 yards shot William pg left box is locked in time shovel。
Barcelona 63 minutes to seal the victory, Suarez pass, Messi left small-angle low shot into the restricted area, the ball again through the network between the legs Courtois, 3-0。
This is the first 100 Macy Champions League goals。   Morata and Zappa Costa came off the bench, replaced Dembele Vidal。
Messi direct free kick shot was saved。
Pedro replacing Azar played, Barcelona fans to send applause。
Rakitic a corner, Paulinho small edge of the header was saved Courtois。 Fabregas pass, long-range Zappa Costa also confiscated。 90 minutes, Rudiger corner melee 10 yards in the cross header regret。
  Barcelona (4-4-2): 1- Teershite root; Roberto 20, 3 pg, titi Umm 23-, 18- Alba; 11- Dembele (67,22- Vidal), Rakitic 4-, 5- Busquets (61,21- Gomez), 8 Iniesta (56,15- Paulinho); Massey 10-, 9- Su Yalei Menschel Anglesey (3-4-3): 13 Courtois; 28- 阿斯皮利奎 column, 27- Christensen, 2 Rudiger; 15 Moses (67,21- Zhapakesi column), 7- Kantor, Fabregas 4-, 3- Alonso; William 22-, 18- Giroux (67,9- Morata), 10 Azar (82,11- Pei Pedro)。

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