Look at all the pain!The hardest person crotch was attacked again and this time is old teammates


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  Beijing on March 19, Thunder on the road to 132-125 victory over the Raptors。 Thunder starting center Steven – Adams, 33 minutes, 13 shots 10, 25 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists。
  Section III of the game, Ibaka misfortune "kick egg", when the Raptors power forward ibaka layup, but his right knee to the crotch Adams。 At that time, Adams fell to the floor, grimacing。 Then he got up to leave and return to the locker room。
After being confirmed case is not very serious, Adams returned to the bench and continued to participate in the competition。   Meanwhile, after watching a video of the confrontation, the referee was identified Adams foul on Ibaka, and gave Ibaka 2 free throws。   It is worth mentioning that Adams has suffered in the game several times this "kick egg" action, which, Thunder coach Donovan after the game is still worried, he said: "It looks really uncomfortable。 "After the game, as a former teammate of Ibaka apologized to Adams, he began to show a very disgusted look like Adams accepted the apology Ibaka。   (Rosen)。

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