Bad breath how to treat bad breath have a cause of disease


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4.Careful brushing and flossing, because for tooth gap in the residue, the effect is far less than floss toothpick。 Unless your teeth already thick enough to be filling them toothpick, otherwise your teeth toothpick in addition to growing outside, no good。 Halitosis etiology local oral disease is the main reason leading to bad breath, but can not be ignored is that bad breath is often some serious oral manifestations of systemic disease, there are some organic disorder can also cause bad breath disease。
With oral According to statistics, 80%?90% of bad breath derived from the oral cavity。 Oral untreated dental caries, root, residual crown, prosthesis failure, abnormal anatomy, gingivitis, periodontitis and oral mucosal disease and so can cause halitosis。 Where dental caries and periodontal disease is the most common disease-related。 Nest cave deep caries, poor restoration sudden suspension under constant residual food debris and plaque, bacterial fermentation decomposition, odor。 Pulp necrosis or purulent pulpitis, untreated can stink; periodontal disease is often accompanied by a large amount of tartar, plaque, periodontal pocket bacterial fermentation to produce hydrogen sulfide, indole and ammonia, thus odor。 How to treat bad breath only with another, periodontal abscesses and periodontal pocket overflow pus, mostly for periodontal pathogen Staphylococcus aureus infection merger will stink。 The quality and quantity of saliva also play an important role。
Increase in organic component reducing the amount of saliva, and other proteins reducing the scouring action and the buffering action of saliva, bacteria multiply, decomposition saliva, crevicular fluid and food residue in the organic components, a large amount of volatile sulfur compounds, indole and other substances, causing bad breath。
Non-adjacent oral tissues with oral diseases such as tonsillitis, chronic maxillary sinusitis, atrophic rhinitis, can produce purulent secretions of the odor; clinically common medical conditions such as acute and chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer sour smell occurs; pyloric obstruction, duck advanced gastric cancer often smell bad breath occurs; patients with diabetic ketoacidosis can be exhaled gas acetone taste, smell rotten apple uremic patients exhaled。 In addition leukemia, vitamin deficiency, bad breath, heavy metal poisoning and other diseases can cause the。

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