he bed, so two people can be in head-up state,” Ze, you are a big boy now, has not it wiser?”


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  ”Ok!”He nodded.
  ”So some things, my grandfather also want you as like adults, not without telling you, good to talk to you.”广州桑拿
  ”.it is good.”
  ”Your father and your mother may soon parted.”He thought, or straight to the point, the world is not co-existence of something, unless it can hide the child for a lifetime, otherwise sooner or later, is to say.
  ”Separately, what does that mean?”He wrinkled little face, very nervous.
  ”onAfter that, ah, your father and your mother will live separately, they should not live together, and that time may be your father around there will be a new mom, your mom may also around there will be a new dad, not care how, you will be our baby, and also whether you choose to live with my father, and my mother still live together, what will not affect, except that they live separately, everything will be the same as before.”
  In fact of course it is not the same, but at present, I can only tell a manner Ze child can understand.
  I looked at my grandfather Ze a silence, just blinked, tears fell out: “Mom and Dad are not getting divorced?”Now the children came early, in kindergarten when he heard that there are other students, family parents divorced thing.
  On hearing this, he immed南宁桑拿iately hysteria up, he stood on the bed, two small fists clenched: “I do not!I do not want!Grandpa I do not want my parents to divorce!I disagree, I want them to always, always together!”
  Pei Naochun sighed derailment of people, can not always understand what they bring to the family of combat, he reached out and grabbed grandson in his arms, he could feel the grandson will face resting on his shoulder and then tears like rain out of the general majestic.
  ”Ze, I know you feel bad, but your mom and dad, really no way to be together.”
  ”I do not agree!”He pedaling legs until the time the most out of control, fear of hurt grandfather, did not dare to big forc

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