and so after dinner to say.”Pei Naochun with his eyes hint, stopped her, or at least better than the delicious food, and so these words, and also some naughty, time to not eat, do not like it?


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  ”.Ok.”Pei Baoshu just agree, she knows her father is worried this time has been no good to eat, can not even say these things, she ate less, the dishes are obviously aware of this table, the father deliberately done, every Dad had in mind, she should not have to live up to, be in your mouth, full of bitter, even feel nau杭州桑拿洗浴sea.
  On the back so hard for me when my mother died, and now almost every day crying eyes are pain, throat tightness, people trance, like a zombie, Pei Baoshu also think the feelings are so important to you?
  Her look of the thing, if outsiders.Do not outsiders, it is to make two aunts to see, she will be cursing stupid, but she just can not control their uncomfortable decade, this decade in the end, what counts it?
  The dinner table, I can only hear a cheerful little voice Ze, he vaguely see there is some mother’s not happy, they are also changing nothing, to want to coax her laugh, sometimes have to want to take care of his grandfather, left clip a la carte, a la carte the right folder, if before, this table will certainly be full of laughter, but at the moment, the only remaining vaguely embarrassed, and the atmosphere is always cold field, he looked around at a loss, do not know what happened my heart has also been some vague foreboding.
  If something bad is about to happen, I still do not understand a Ze, most of the time, bad feeling, is always better than a good hunch easy to achieve, after dinner, he was still staring , it was夜网论坛 my grandfather pulled into the room, her mother fell outside, then head down the dishes are.
  ”Grandfather, what’s going on right?”I do not know what a child can have their own set of keen perception system, they can realize the fastest, the atmosphere is not quite right.
  ”It is a little thing.”Pei Yu Ze Naochun put a hold to t

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