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  But this will not the same, and her mother packed up now over, just that they want to live with my gr深圳桑拿网andfather a few days, more than a Ze Why not get to know, they no longer ask, after all, my mother decided to do must have their own reason.
  ”A few days ah.”Pei Baoshu feel particularly useless, which clearly has cried enough, you can always time for no reason in the eyes of pantothenic acid, and want to cry, she 南宁桑拿blinked, trying to hold back the tears,” It may take quite a long time yet!”
  ”A long, long time is how long it?”I also spoke Ze eating something vague, he stared curiously, looked at the mother, was very confused,” but my father would want us right?”
  A reference to “Dad” word, Pei Baoshu they immediately lowered his head, she feels that her tears almost fell out, had tightly bit his lip, forcing himself to hold back, she remembers, and more than Chak One I listen to the words of Haotian, he always worship your heroes and powerful father, from small to large, he said that every time the dream, will say that you want to be a doctor, like your father because he wanted to, and each return, as long as her husband back, this children will be full of joy, anxious to share everything with her husband.
  ”But my grandfather also want you a北京体验网h.”Pei Naochun see her daughter’s sad, immediately jumped the mouth,” You do not want to accompany my grandfather to accompany a?”
  ”it is good!”I immediately agreed to a Ze, he reached out and patted the shoulder of my grandfather,” Grandfather not sad, I’m with you!”Dad is not busy so a few days, and give his father a call, he wanted to compare my grandfather, he was asked to accompany my grandfather.
  ”Ze a mother and you want to say something.”Peibao Shu like a long time, decided to open, soft knife grinding meat most pain, she knew that the longer the delay, the more she could not say.
  ”what happened?”Yu Ze a curious, cocked his head and asked.

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