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  As for the home, he and his wife said a few days ago, and this week 杭州桑拿is busy, you may want to take a break in the duty room of the hospital, I am afraid it is difficult to have time to go home, naturally holds many lessons have nothing to worry.
  just.And so obsessed with the child is born, there is the issue of accounts, and now she is not prepared to the test, only to buy a house settled 深圳桑拿网by the social security touches almost paid all year, and now as long as there is a sort of a small house on the line, more than Haotian has asked a colleague to help focus, just waiting to find suitable housing, he will be able to cobble together the money to start with, but fortunately his wife has always been less say in extra income and savings, money his hand, still enough.
  ”Grandfather, you eat more.”He now has a very Chak make chopsticks, he stretch his hand, the fish bowl folder to the grandfather’s head,” I just ate, especially delicious!”His grin.
  ”Well, Xie Xieze a.”Pei Naochun a smile to clip the fish bowl, small mouth to eat, just hot soup out of this fish also warming yet.
  ”Yes, Mom, this time we have to spend a few days it outside the public sector?”I Ze a curiously looked around, today’s dinner is cooked 北京夜网grandfather, my grandfather’s craft is getting better, he almost drank a bowl of soup fresh off the tongue.
  Mom mood in recent days have been quite right, past the summer, my mother always stay at home, and sometimes accompany him to read, and sometimes go out with him, he can these days, my mother was always morning to evening, but also to Shenbushoushe , several times both at home almost hit the wall early this morning, my mother began to put away the luggage for him, just to say to my grandfather that went live two days, more than a Ze actually did not feel anything strange, after all in previous years, if the mother is busy, he will be put to

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