severe pain, she still come the sentence to ask, is the baby’s father did not want him yet?So more than a year of sweet harmony, the stone also tempted, I looked at the little Haotian Valentine’s putting on airs, smoked one cigarette after cigarette, and finally can not do anything, she广州桑拿网 had to resign to go back, so keep up, he knew people in , there are only possessor of his wife, and possessor of lovers, he can not make sense.


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  Besides, C city is not so big, just be careful not to hit by his wife, always without the knowledge of the psychological With so glad, I chose to stay Haotian Lin obsessed belly of the child.
  But he did not expect, was about to give birth, I’m obsessed with the glycemic index is not very good, in this respect not know enough about him, so she took to the forest obsessed Central Hospital director hung up the numbers, you want to confirm something, since he confess our people be careful, no one thought just this once do not pay attention, it was precisely hit his wife.
  What is not clear now more than Haotian reply with a smile is a small micro-letter lover.
  [Baby: her husband, are you coming 广州桑拿网home ah?Today, it gives me a little beef Rougeng right across your hospital?I really want to eat that oh!Today the baby is very active, has been wallowing in my stomach it!]
  [Old Yu: Well, you at home, pay attention to the point, do not wrestling, I’m all right tonight, you take off work to.]
  [Baby: Thanks husband?]
  ”Old Yu, what do you stand in this giggle?”Side passing Director Wang could not help but patted his shoulder,” the sky out of money?Jianqian have to pick up your grin.”
  ”No, nothing.”I Haotian react quickly, quickly recovered his pocket phone, Lanzhu each other’s shoulders, ‘today, ah, my patient, do not very good, busy day it.’
  Has divert attention, he did not naturally found in many other scour message about, that love each other a person of the group, is the latest of a prompt “You’re removing the main group chat gr杭州夜网oup.”
  He knew no

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