kinds of baby kiss and tell, had a short stay one hundred and fifty thousand, then Paipaipigu gone, back?Chairman Yu made his city a good father.


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  Just give the money he thought things could once and for all, no one thought the little girl is a red heart to him that, although the person know he has married, has been firmly believe that she is the best that one, 苏州桑拿网love this is to fight for their own, as long as enough of her efforts, we can “win” back to belong to her lover, a graduation, Lin obsessed wrapped a close, ran directly?City looking for a job, did not enter the center of the hospital, she went to a second hospital, then began a continuous uninterrupted offensive, I want to deal with the head Haotian she wanted her to go, can not go twice, this heart ah, has loose.
  They once again out on the bed, I also realize that they can not let go Haotian Lin obsessed, he helped she gave a small suite on the outside, the two men will be the love of home, from that day on, he began to lead a find day reason not to go home, lie the first time, and a little guilty, may lie to say more, I have got used to, anyway, his wife is never questioned, vaguely, his heart quite comfortable for the status quo, like his son, wife , they go home and have dinner, 南宁桑拿talk, think small lover, lovers went to that, and her sweetness night, gradually are reluctant to leave them.
  May in six months ago, a bolt from the blue, smashed straight down, Lin obsessed Baba grievances, tears in her eyes told him she was pregnant, belly with his child, I naturally can not tolerate Haotian, he did not want a divorce then, on the outside there is a small beautiful young lover, go enjoy enjoy, but this is not the same he wanted to abandon the family, his wife and children, still very emotional.
  He naturally dig the money, I’m obsessed with the requirements immediately go to an abortion, is not to be obsessed with the forest, crying lovely, and said she thought that two people baby to be destroyed, the heart

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