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  Xiao Ming not break open, flat on his mouth open crying, crying edge side of the body down to the ground, legs pedaling resistance Yunfang, Tai Po Lu rock they heard cries miserable Review Wangle Yan, then run faster, you East and West stopped, turned around and wants to Yunfang West, “Liu grandmother, let us go along wi都市兔兔th Xiao Ming, he played in the school did not how tofu.”
  In fact, Xiao Ming is a bit boring at school, many students despise his younger not want to play with him, he was afraid to lose Furthermore complain to find Li Xuemei, in addition to his land and rock, almost no one approached Xiao Ming hit tofu.
  Yunfang hands circled Xiaoming belly up and raise pout displeasure, “What is going to go, you are happy to win, my wife and children out just how much the point, on the strength where you win, do not think I do not know, you look for him to play tofu is to win it, West ah, you is not Liu said the grandmother, Xiao Ming sensible of it, there are two hands of a sugar gave stuff, you are bigger brother, helped him win the respect of people outside, ye people outside help him win it, that white sugar Xiao Ming is given to you.上海夜网
  Instant, farms silence, cc flat mouth froze in place, like a cry cry.
  Hear curse Yunfang West, East face red and distended, pulled out a pocket of sugar threw Yunfang, his strengthStudents hand, the beginning and the reason is not so complicated, just because I’m obsessed with good-looking, he will be more looked at, Sisexingye, honesty is not deceptive, most men are visual animals, encountered a good-looking girl, look at two, no problem, which can be thought of, something more developed the more crooked.
  in?City of learning, in fact quite boring, although very busy work, also many things to learn, can to some extent, it is also quite busy, you can drink out of the former party of friends are not around, his wife and children far in?City, each day of rest or not on duty at night, are regarded as a bored, he

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