ee Sungui cents Paitui,” I said Xiao Ming grandmother, did not see the children so joyfully do, hey what are you crying crying.”


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  What people Yunfang?She can only criticize others allowed people call her a bitch, loud noise in front of group of children began to cry, she felt funny, call Lu Ming, “Lu Ming, Lu Ming it, come see your mother, she was crying.”
  Several children also fed up, pick up tofu earth, “we change the place to go, Liu grandmother kept read non-stop read, I read too fast deaf ears, she did not read when I won three, now lost all back, walk walk, not in this play.”The kids do not really like people to be with the big one, the reason to farm, is to look at the whole face of 都市兔兔体验网Lu Jianxun, stuff like playing tofu, after school they will naturally come, farms where people from whatever they hit tofu thing, it Yunfang more than words, whenever Xiao Ming, she will talk about next, said Xiao Ming, then won Fortunately, Xiao Ming if lost, she picked up without any explanation tofu Xiaomi都市兔兔ng lose, tightlipped said Xiao Ming play fake, not the number of them with.
  Because of this incident, in fact, a lot of people do not like Yunfang, just do not say it on the mouth.
  Xiao Ming think everyone picked up the tofu to go out, he hurried to keep up, Yunfang quickly grabbed him, “Xiao Ming, large they are older, be careful you win together, you can not go.”Yunfang wiped tears from his eyes, the eyes stare fiercely led by Tai Po and rocks, Xiao Ming younger do not understand some things, but look at her, and in just a few people come forward to secretly wink.
  Xiao Ming shook, his face somewhat anxious, “They will not, Grandma, you Kuaifang Kai me, I want my brother to play with them and stuff.”
  ”No go, if you’re not listening to my grandmother is not, you’re a few tofu, lost, there is no.”Yunfang tone of some strong, Xiao苏州夜网 Ming screwed on with her,” I’m going, you let me go.”After he went to school, came to a farm played back, this second back then, he will want to

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