of stupid uncle Mother, even when there are so many talking, she with a face plate, carefully he stressed that “last night, have said milk, the next minute we meals regardless of family, Mother uncle have forgotten?”She patted his head,” uncle your mother if older, remember not clear, the sister is always remember, when you can sit across from it milk!”


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  Zhao Xiaoling stamped her foot, some Anhen, these things come Intuit is not the time, if yesterday, they still benefit from them some of the ward, if Comin.
  But do not stick this light, Zhao Xiaoling whole body is uncomfortable, but that milk malt extract ah!If Xiaolei to get a drink, Zhibuding Xiaolei can grow under tall, just like the city, like that time, scrub.
  Zhao Xiaoling always felt that this old fool Ruan, has been able to so pale, is the time to drink a little milk cans of malt extract only brought out .
  And their home Ruan Xiaolei old grandson of gold, anyway, this will have copies Xiaolei.
  Thought of this, 深圳桑拿her face slow the slow, soft-spoken and said, “rain, when you are the sister, we adults do not dispute this mouthpiece, but Xiaolei ask you cry Regardless, you have to look after them next Xiaolei, let him taste the city people drink milk malt extract!”
  Ruan rain, “No I do not give Xiaolei drink, this thing that people fall on us here in the afternoon put the milk malt extract to get past people!”This is something I do not know what it costs A late it took only get a can, Nguyen rain subsistence child can not drink, let alone to drink Xiaolei.
  Obviously is reluctant, said the so-sounding, Zhao Xiaoling heart cursed, but smiling face of temptation road, “It seems our family Xiaolei did this good fortune, however, is the way our family who falls?”
  Amid own sister Nguyen know in the end you want to find out who sent over to her 北京洗浴网wrist, obviously want to go complacent light, and Zhibuding that time, she will be how to arrange it in the back!
  Nguyen rain deadpan, “said a sister you do not know, migh

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