Du assistant information is read, although surprised, but knew the boss’s private affairs should not ask, then he replied: “I know.”


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  Shen Xiao playing with two data, then got up and slowly walked to the front corner of the shredder, decisive will go into the paper, the machine emits a dull sound work, after which a thin sheet of paper, and instantly broke into countless paper grain, doped into the rest of the wastepaper in.
  He quietly look at that wastepaper, then he turned and walked back to his desk, thought, pick up the phone to Shen Yu micro letter, “Honey, what do?”
  Shen Yu quickly replies, “class it, How about you?doing what?”
  Shen Xia北京夜网o replied: “thinking of you.”
  Shen Yu sent a blushing face, said: “We just did not take long to separate.”
  Shen Xiao said: “No better separated.”
  Shen Yu said: “You give me the truth, you are not male fox becomes, or how such a person would hook?!”
  Shen Xiao holding a cell phone whispered with a smile, gloomy mood, this improvement in many.
  Night out socializing, accidentally hit Stuart Yi, Shen Xiao rarely took the initiative to greet him, “a little something to ask you another place to say??”
  It looks like an arrogant high cold, to see Stuart Yat want to roll your eyes, but still followed him another place to go to talk.
  They went into a separate room, the closed doors, Shen Xiao to find a comfortable sofa to sit down, then tilted his legs to Stuart Yi said: “You would do that very thing the ex-girlfriend, recen深圳桑拿网tly told Liyuan Hui good on you know?Lai is not your shot?”
  Stuart frowned, walked across Shen Xiao sat down and said: “What ex-girlfriend, you little diaphragm should I, who do not know, to tell you the white Mu Qing Shen boss also had a love.”
  Shen Xiao frown, said: “I’ve eaten several meals up to her, even the friendship of the question, let alone other cases.”
  Stuart Yat-handed support face, she looked at him strangely, and said: “Then you will be prompted her to do it?Whom she loved me Pishi?”
  Shen Xi

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