not care about her good, really want to care about them, the Yunfang It estimates a hard day.


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  Next to the smiling people back to the sentence, “Li educated youth is not a petty person, she did not like the production team did not contradict elder daughter read the book yet.”
  Li Xuemei very good reputation in the production team, from the countryside into the school when the teachers are very low-key person, say things have timely and properly posted, looking very lonely person, very warm in fact, what you want to meet someone things asked her to help, she never excuses, of course, the production team of the few people ask for help Li Xuemei, even if your child is school-related issues and, anyway, Li Xuemei tone of voice it wants to make people feel comfortable.
  Sungui Sin snorted, and Li Xuemei time she can deal with much more than they thought it was okay to child wants to be relevant and children, you look at the attitude of Li Xuemei.
  At this time, Xiao Ming has been chatter around t杭州桑拿洗浴he Yunfang did not have any impatience, on the contrary, she squatted down slightly.Body, with the height of Xiao Ming, his mouth kept talking about the “good grandchild grandmother Oh, look at you lean into what looks like ah, the school is not eaten fed up ah, to be going to grandma’s house, Grandma get good food to make up your body, you do not go to school tomorrow, ah, so far the road, you will be tired.”
  Xiao Ming to play with other children playing tofu not a pleasure, where would listen, from time to time an outstretched arm block Yunfang, remind her to stand far point, because there are two people were Yunfang impact has been very upset.
  ”Xiao Ming Which, Why do not you speak and grandmother, is not your mother teach you to secretly ignore grandmother, heartless, you are a child who gave you wash diapers, who night after night淡水桑拿 without sleep holding coax you ah, you have forgotten?”Yunfang like missing grandson of the elderly, remembered and remembered from a cry, to s

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