cold air into irrigation, land and farm it out in their busy.


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  ”Go home, mathematics courses coming to an end, I have to get hold of the review of the outline out.”
  Xiao Ming next tugged at her hand, “Mom, I want my brother to farms hit West tofu.”
  ”You go and West, home cooking mom, dad and you will be back on food to eat.”Then, Li Xuemei took three sugar from his pocket,” You’re brother and West divide them eat.”Small day tomorrow to go to school with her, talk vocabulary has in苏州夜网creased a lot and changed a lot of character, At home, his heart a little ring true inviting voice howl, eat out of their own upon her reluctant, selfish very.
  Lu Ming said these two days to put out the little pig looked at him on the trip, Li Xuemei do not trust, or some sound close at hand, do not believe Lu Ming, but do not believe Yunfang son’s character is finally breaking positive, and she did not want sudden, what things to.
  Xiao Ming took the sugar smiling, handed one to the front of the West, “West brother, your.”Shook the right hand of sugar,” This is the stuff of brother.”
  West said thank you and took it in her pocket and sugar, is in no hurry to eat, Xiao Ming, too, to put into their own pockets sugar, to the bottom of the bamboo farm, holding a hand to the farms to go West, Lu Hongying emotion, “No wonder my mom own students to bring their own children, I see Xiaoming like a different person.”
  Previously there are some things she can not say, and will now dare to speak Li Xuemei.
  ”You think, ah, said Lu Ming Xiao Ming sensible lot, his mother used to baby, she thought of Xiaoming good, in fact, hurt him.”Swiss say t深圳桑拿网ake a small stack of books next to a small tofu thing, for as she will be unhappy, Yunfang things never think about the consequences, she was not helping Bob, but Bob harm enemies everywhere, said Lu Ming brother sister , up to now refused to talk to them, what if they do atrocious things like, “it depends on the situation, I think aunt would teach children v

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