acher, we ask ourselves, in a single school, children of single parent families is not faintly would be a lot of discrimination?Of course, not every one, but you can guarantee it will not be a Ze??City is not large, things pass quickly, you want people to know Ze derailed a father to find a small three out also raised a child yet?”


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  Pei Baoshu: “.”
  ”You and me Ergu, two people often help the person objects, we have encountered such a situation, I heard that single-parent families, people at home is concerned, I feel grown up children in such a family, mental health, even if we do not discriminate, you can ensure that others do not discriminatory?If you later Ze grew up really I hit a good girl, people because he is a child of single parent families discrimination how can he do?By the time he asked you, Mom, I did 深圳桑拿网something wrong when you have to answer how.”
  Pei Baoshu’s pale, bit his lip speechless, because two aunts know is good for her, but also know that they say are now some cases, she will feel even more uncomfortable, and she wanted more than Haotian separately, may she did not want to hurt a Ze.
  Pei Pei Baoshu Aunt patted the hand: “Paul, you know Aunt uncomfortable, but not everyone in the world marriages smoothly, but also a lot of divorce, of course, a lot can bear down, not because they are stupid , deserve wronged, but sometimes ah, life is still alive, how can there be so many perfect things, you want to sesame, might foolish.”
  ”Ze a child, are not yet in elementary school, so small, you are willing to let him grow up without a father in the environment do?”Pei also Ergu eyes with tears, she said that, my heart is uncomfortable.
  ”Yes ah, multi-pity, do not let him do so without a father?”
  ”I.”Pei Baoshu has stopped crying, she just gazing Aunt and Ergu, very trance, this decision is not a divorce, really bad?Both ends of the scale, put things, and a self-dignity, the other side is more than a Ze, it has begun to slowly pour.
  ”Big上海夜网 Sister, Sister.

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