n outside together, let him go, I do not care, and I do not move the tube.”


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  Go back, you can go back?Even now that she did not want to go back home, because at that virtually every place has fond memories of the two of them, they see those, she moved by the occasion, began to doubt the feelings of the two, is not all false.
  Pei Sister very impatient, she could not stand up, stand up straight, is directed at Pei Baoshu: “Paul, you are advised to listen to an aunt, you go now, not cheaper than Haotian woman on the outside looking for you?People would also have only lived in hiding outside, as you go, she reached a higher level!”
  ”Mrs. Yu let her do it, I would like to wish them both Bainianhaoge it.”
  ”You kids, how so stubborn it!Are such a great person, and want to do not understand how that sentence to say, take a step backwa北京风月会所rd, the family has always been you, he more than Haotian, just before graduation, not that a general practitioner, able promoted so fast, do not you no credit?You obey their parents, concerned about his body, but also gave birth to such a good son for him now to do has been done, let the people picked the fruit?杭州桑拿洗浴“Sister Pei was in a hurry.
  She is the niece for that can not be reconciled, doctors have more understanding all know, the doctor that just graduated a few years, are generally more difficult, most hospitals will require them to rotate properly, the lowest level of inpatient hospital doctors, it can be said What sort of work had to dry, and then slowly climb titles and high status, idle people, and also earn more, and now the most bitter years, Bao let them stay home to enjoy a happy life on to change to a career and fortune wife, how she would never have convinced.
  ”Let her enjoy it, I do not want it.”Pei Baoshu, shaking his head.
  Pei Sister frustration: “You ah, now is too sad, you Ergu I do not want you to regret, I’m afraid the time you calm, can not take the.”Her age, seen too much, like this, throw in a bit of money after h北京体验网er

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