Most lacking is intelligence!Hong Kong, which started early industrial textile quota restrictions of trade has been completely debilitating, long out of the top ten list of Hong Kong exports.Once accounted for half of the plastic industry is gradually disappearing, and now exports to Hong Kong top three products are garments, toys and watches!


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  But Hong Kong are three products are based on price to win.For example, last year in Hong Kong watch exports exceeded one hundred million, ranked first in the world.But Hong Kong-produced watches the price of Japanese goods is only one-half to one-third.Only minimal profit margin low-end market occupied.
  Hong Kong industry bottlenecks encountered now is to raise up their position in the global whole industry chain of serious lack of capacity!Hong Kong’s core power of technology and innovation, such as Hong Kong, although the watch-making industry developed.But mechanical watch movement, circuit boards and other electronic form core components of all imports, in fact, only earn a Hong Kong factory assembly fee only!”Li Xuan said, in fact, these are a common problem, he did not plan any new luxury the outgoing Governor to expand.
  Dongfang Electronics rise to the Hong Kong industry has brought a huge change what?By mid 1980, the export value of Hong Kong’s top five are garments, toys, watches, radios and fans.The rise of the Dongfang Electronics.It became a top five export garments, toys, watches, games and computer.
  The first three quarters of this year, the Oriental game companies export output value has more than 4 billion Hong Kong dollars.Last year, Hong Kong’s total exports and 55 million radio sets, with a total export value of 3.5 billion Hong Kong dollars has only just.Orient Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Hong Kong’s worth enough to a

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