Cape Town Government: The water crisis is far from over public water conservation can not relax


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Screenshot from Chinese Consulate General in Cape Town website。
  Western Cape Provincial Minister of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning Department Breydel said March 19 water storage dam in the Western Cape only%, from "zero Water Day" coming within a whisker of the reservoir cordon%。 He said that in the rainy season rains reservoir storage before full recovery, the public and businesses sure to continue to respond to the government's call to strengthen water conservation, without the slightest let up。   According to another report, on the recently held "World Water Day" forum, Dr. Kala Sen Water Resources Research experts say, the problem of water crisis in the Western Cape is not just a problem of insufficient water supply, there are still problems of water quality and water conservancy facilities obsolete。 Due to aging facilities, South Africa, more than a third of the loss of water due to leaking pipes。 If you do not respond in time, the crisis will be difficult to avoid coming again。
The experts agreed that universal education is essential rational water use in the next generation, which will be about the future of South Africa。

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