ghost.”Zhou Yu encountered in my heart silently talking about, soon put the whole book turned finish.


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  Her eyes closed again recalls his years’ve seen devils, in the case does not appear in front of their own, how do they find?
  ”I understand!”Just the Philippines Liu Qin not going to ask her to take a break for dinner, when the case of Zhou Yu suddenly opened his eyes.
  She looked Qin Liu Fei, subconsciously wanted to open, but she reacted quickly, not to speak out in front, put the sound pressure of the low: “Sister, you are not the Liu family is also something fishy?Sun and Father ghost who would take the same.”
  ”Father Sun?You said Jiang predecessors?”Liu Fei Qin did not react initially, but quickly realized what she was saying.
  Her smile a cry, then shook his head: “No, we do not have this Liu family predecessors, Sun is because seniors have ancestors in kindness, she will stay.”
  Zhou Yu is not clear case of these families, heard here inevitably some regret: “If we want Destroys, sister, do you think we still need to find how many school Showers?”
  ”Logically, to constitute a matrix method, in addition to front eye, there should be at least three points, so if you want to ensure a smooth start matrix method can not, I

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