Well album.”


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  ”Oh, sisters, This case tells us, not real feelings powder idol.”
  ”Bo Dina and Donna in the end what is backing?So long, not a paparazzi grilled draw their identity yet?”
  He easily won the battle this new spot, because the opponent surrenders voluntarily.
  Bai Yalin heart is not the slightest joy of winning, but only despised anger.
  Yu Ze did not care and his war – he even did not even this as war!And he was to win this war, he has been not only to give up their insistence, to buy other people’s songs serve as the original, but also invited a large number of navy, ready for sales in the event of fraud when.
  He armed opponents but take off the armor go home for lunch –
  Bai Yalin feel has been an unprecedented insult.
  Zhao Jian put down the phone and came over to him and said: “I and navy studio said yes, half the deposit back – we suffer losses, and said good album that used to buy back part of the money is not coming back.”
  Zhao Jian waited for a while and have not seen Bai Yalin speak, glanced he was watching the news – Yu Chak and blond girl kiss in the Ferris wheel.
  He sympathetically patted him on the shoulder, said: “unlucky in love, good and evil was the cause of spring

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