Trip is as it should be.


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  Since then his face when Cheng Songbo home yesterday, carrying the day with two kids and his wife prepared their own gift boxes to go into a box car trunk stuffed, forest heavy rock hands behind idle stroll on one side, stand absolutely firm do not help, mouth also light: “do not pretend not installed, hold so much, I gave you a new car crushed, you know how people with a little extra oil it!Cheng Dong guy still with you, so tall, if not installed him, that is quite a lot of things it can fit more!”
  Cheng Songbo the ground that three boxes of various fruits are moved in one breath, straightened up shoulder to shoot the forests: “Come on you!How much oil can be one more person fee ah?Taxi filled not how capitation fee ah?Besides, our home away where poor winter friends?”
  ”Whispering sound, he’s not a kid you say so, play all day playing roar roar is now proud tail cocked coming?”I’m exceedingly heavy rock to despise patted his new wool coat, muttered,” You just moved fruit that hand, I do not spoil the New Year new clothes!”
  ”Yo, that is not my son, your honor?Last night received a gift, it is not polite to point it put on the body today?”

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