Some rush holds her sitting on the bed, he turned to find her water.


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  Irrigation water a belly, and finally feel good Shou Lexie, she rubbed his lips casual, evening Xing suddenly leaned down to pick up her tasikmalaya.
  He put his hand cupboard pulled a blanket over her body and whispered: “first out of here.”
  Passing in front of the corpse.Body, she hugged his neck, his head buried in his collar, soft feel her breath hot and humid shines on his side of the neck, he held her arm tightening, tight jaw was slightly loose.
  Hotelier collapsed in the stairwell, she whispered in his ear: “You are a man come?Not to alarm?”
  He did not do more to explain, to take her from the out side door, through a forest and lake, roadside parked a jeep.
  Put her in the passenger seat, her face hesitantly, on the other side of his car, looking at her like, I could not help but laugh at.
  ”I’m worried about?”He leaned close to her, she looked somewhat dirty face, migraine kissed her lips, mute the voice said:” They want you to be cruel than evil, killed one of them, I do not regret.”
  Suddenly kissed down, she can not attend

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