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  Suzi Han opened the navigation, the mobile phone bracket to the handlebar hand, foot to stare out, Lin-sheng quickly to keep up, to be ignorant of weight already heavier than him, plus a bag full of snacks, beginning Jimmy rickety, gradually adapted, riding steadily improve.
  Coastal road around the island, out of the shade Road, vision gradually open, the sun gave birth to a big hug Lin, roadside fence following is the beach, the sea wind blowing, with a hint of salty taste.
  Turing born on the sleeves of Yao Ji to buy him a gift of sunscreen, with a shallow milk flavor, Lin Shengyu end up with a comfortable night’s mood gradually.
  Last night saw the reason in the bath Zhou Yi Lan chest tattoo, we can not forget that he is also where he tossed and turned all night.
  Lin Shengrong easy to become confused, but some things intuitive and very accurate, combined with concerns about Yao Ji Zhou Yi Lan ceremony when visiting the charity event as well as the hospital, he is almost certain, that “gift” word, and Yao Ji ceremony about.
  The harbor is how emotions, will put another person’s name engraved on the body?Love hate nothing more than big.There is no reason to hate Lan Zhou Yi Ji Yao ceremony, it is only a consequence of.
  Yao ritual and discipline to get along These days, Zhou Yi Lan, Lin is not the first one pairs of students met Yao Ji ceremony love

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