Things are true.Moreover, he later found out something, she said, much more than.But indeed as small ancestors said, Shao Yan snow really is a good luck man, and the men she had anything to do, very rational.No one can think of, is now within the company, out of a madman Shao Yan know it very well in the snow.Liao Xiaoxiao entire people’s thoughts are distorted.


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  This point, the audience also found.
  [Liao Xiaoxiao did not feel good too]
  【Her in the end is kind of how, way of thinking is really different from ordinary people ah]
  [She felt no wrong, and received bribes, framed by others, to sell the company, things should]
  [So is she taking bribes to let them play von beginning of a bucket of gold reverse play?]
  [Fact not seem like it, she said she was framed]
  [Was framed, then, is a bucket of gold to give her money for her to perform reverse play, she played really, ah, what a trap?]
  [The fact is that a bucket of gold money, so she recommended reverse play.She recommended.Von beginning they adopted her recommendation, but take thought Authorization.She reminded the sentence, deaf ears, she had no wait for a repetition.Later performances is interrupted, a bucket of gold has become a shadow of the day henchman, a sick heater.She did not get a point, can only sit in the scene when the audience]
  [Front insider?]
  [Now forum in picking it up, someone posted a timeline, eat the expense of the doubt]
  [Liao Xiaoxiao taken after knowing themselves, but also filled with peace of mind

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