After all, Hong Kong or British governance, need to have a number scale, do not be too stiff.


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  Now the new Governor has not heard the news, but in fact let Yoder took over as Governor of Hong Kong’s programs.Thatcher has won the consensus of the Cabinet.Phase bude also begun to prepare to assume office in Hong Kong, Hong Kong’s recent public opinion is certainly one of the focuses of attention, he said.If the entire Hong Kong community has focused on exploring the way out of Hong Kong Industries, he should think of the new governor natural policy objectives in this area.
  ”His Excellency the Governor, thank you pay over the past decade of social governance efforts in Hong Kong!According to a recent survey ATV, but you are the most respected people in the hearts of his predecessors ever!”Said Li Xuan slightly profound meaning.
  Leaving a person too, Yanguoliusheng!No matter what the politicians want their country’s achievements can Liufangqiangu.MacLEHOSE smile more laugh: “Really?I do not know who is in second place?”
  ”Governor Grantham!”Li Xuan said..
  About this survey, he did not cut the crap.MACLEHOSE governance in Hong Kong this decade, the implementation of anti-corruption corruption, reform of social welfare, the entire Hong Kong has made great progress in housing, clean, education, health, welfare, infrastructure, transportation and social aspects.Coupled with the image of MacLEHOSE very close to the people.Earned him a good reputation among the general public in Hong Kong.
  ”Lee, you are in Hong Kong’s most promising young entrepreneurs, what do you think of Hong Kong Industries is most lacking now?”MacLehose asked, since he invited Li Xuan to Government House today, is natural to ask posturing meter.
  ”I think

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