Low laugh loudly: “you say ah.”


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Chapter 127
  Sheng Qiao face flushing, this time know recognize counsels, pursed her lips without a word.
  Coat buttons do not know when it has been solved, his hand holding her waist Yingying a grip, gently rubbing the thumb, every inch of, are brought up her body shiver.He has never up.Looked down fiercely biting her lips, while her sense of confusion, easy to pry open her teeth, her mouth half open, instinctively respond to him, but he’s too violent violations, almost made her faint
  Her breath coming fast, we heard from the lips overflow Chu, chin slightly raised.His hand on her waist, her fiercely snapping own lips all the way down, kissed her jaw kissed her throat and finally stopped at the clavicle.
  Joe Chu Sheng almost to tears come, fingers clutching the bed sheets, a long while, to hear his mute the voice asked: “fear it
  She sobbed quietly, conscious already blurred, nodded, shook his head.
  He no longer continue.Ages, heavy sigh complain, buried in her necks, chest slightly undulating, gasped and whispered: “Let me give you a little egg next room, you go first own play for a while.
  Her arms round him and whispered: “How about you
  He put his hand out from under her shirt coming, coming between her and touched, “I went to take a bath, well-behaved in the past.
  Then down, Sheng Qiao body a light, he has played

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