Worry ginger peach, and this thing, since it is a personal grudge between the Yan and Jiang Tao, Zheng as long as this did not favor her mother, Yan Shi can severely punish some, it is not too much, after all, children did not, either Niu, ginger peach or do not want an accident.


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“Or.”Jiang Chu nodded his head:” Early Spring, took him to see Chunxiao.”
Chunxiao This has led the cow out of the pile.
Jiang Cheng Chu subdivided asked: “That is how to let Jiang Yan Shi Tao child out of?”
“They is noisy a few words, and then he pushed Jiang Yan Shi Tao, Yan Shi also want honest mistake, the child also married into the family cow for several years, not so bad mind.”Zheng quickly said.
“That she was admitted?”
Cheng face some stiff, stammered: “She, her stubborn temper, and now also dead insisted that she did not push people, do not worry, I will not favor her, and so on for tomorrow, I personally took her come, be sure to let her ginger peach kowtow to apologize.”
Jiang Chu Mouguang slightly narrowed: “Well, tomorrow another walk to trouble the old lady

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