You ah!


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  Despite the twists and turns, but did not affect the mood to play all out, we have been put on a life jacket, ready to experience the feeling of Jiangnan first drift.
  Are we line up when the Pan a new leaf white suddenly stood beside he said.
  ”Brother, looks mighty Well, we do not play tricks with point?”
  No other white leaf promise, Mo Kam directly excitedly. “What tricks?Say it.”
  Pan a new sneer, pointing to the next two speedboats, faint.
  ”To a torrent Yong Jin, do not know who leaves the Brotherhood will not sail ah?”
  ”Ok, this is good, light drifting too boring, play this right!”
  Mo Kam but fearless, just like the stimulus dangerous game.
  Mo heart Yu frowned, she was well aware of the sister, and if she got into the boat, what problems do arise Zhibuding.
  ”No, you can not go, you give me obediently go rafting!”
  ”sister?!People have promised, and if it do not appear more than counseling!”
  ”No, I say no is no.”
  Mo Mo directly to the heart Yu Jin pushed to the crowd to go for

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