Asian tourists in Venice eat flower 4000 letter to the mayor angry complaints


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Data map。 Source: Italian version of the November 8 electric Recently, an Asian tourists come to the beautiful city of Venice, wanted to spend a romantic holiday, only a restaurant bill was scrambling spirits。
Although I buy a single, but it was obvious the restaurant family that pit。
So LukeTang son wrote a letter to the mayor of Venice LuigiBrugnaro, he wrote: "I do not expect to be able to refund the restaurant, but I just want to draw your attention to this phenomenon, businesses similar behavior would seriously impair Venice reputation。
"Boys think that they do not understand Italian restaurant use it, they have to end the multi-channel food without points, including 20 oysters, three fish, grilled seafood and even lobster。 When the boy questioned the statement, restaurants say they are in accordance with the requirements of the dish。
The restaurant owner said no mess serving happened, all the dishes are made in accordance with the requirements of the guests。 In addition, the burden of fixing prices of seafood prices are clearly written on the menu。 The boss said: "If the waiter serving the chaos, the three guests can refuse to eat these dishes, which would also avoid pay。 The reality on the contrary, they put a plate of food to eat spotless。
"Tourists and three restaurants uncompromising, either because of language barriers or restaurants set up sets, at present it is not clear which party at fault in the end。
It remains to be further investigated。 ■ Italian anti-pits have tricks 1.Note that foods (such as fish, seafood, etc.) required by the weight pricing on the menu。
Italian cramming Tips: 1Chilogramm = 1 Gongjin = 1 kg 1Grammo = 1 G = 1 g 1Etto = 100 g (equivalent to "two 2") In addition you need to know is that the restaurant can sell wine by the glass, too press sold by the bottle, so the back of the same type of wine will be two different prices。
2.Caution additional costs in order to attract some of the restaurant business, will be invited to play in the band at the restaurant, and the extra costs generated by the band playing the stores to be marked out in the menu。 So, before we sit back and enjoy the music, you might look at a menu。 Similarly, restaurants usually charge a per capita tips, and tipping is considered directly in the bill inside, these costs should also be noted in the restaurant menu。
3.When to eat half of the food, waiters or cooks out of nowhere recommend other dishes, encouraging you to taste, this time we should long in mind the!Because you do not want the other party is likely to use mental disappointed, let you in without knowing the price, deceive you point a very expensive dish。 4.If you question the dishes, do not store the previous theory Dongkuaizi。 Fives.If the customer something really happens merchant malicious fraud, may be accompanied by Italian friends know, choose to call the police。 (Fan Fei / mechanized ed) Editor: Fan Fei, Zhu Jianyu。

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