After the old man’s identity card and boarding pass does not on, he had time to pack again.


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Father apparently also somewhat speechless in front of the two men, but he’s good temper, do not like arguing with people, this is not the time to say anything else, just look a touch of their ID cards taken out.

Male waiter unceremoniously identity cards from his hand pumping over, up and down will carefully verify the identity card and boarding pass several times, the site looks like to see him, and if there is a component of the machine around, he ID card and boarding pass thrown able to see inside the ingredients are not the same.

The old man looked indifferent look like a monkey general male waiter initiatives, urging them no hurry, let the male waiter checked after a clean face will not be reluctant ID and boarding pass and gave the old man.

After verification, the waitress smiled politely, but have in mind how reluctant it is only she knows the.

She looked at the old man and said: “Excuse me sir, this is a misunderstanding, I’m sorry, we’re just sensitive to the identity of some of the guests, I hope you enjoy your journey.”

The waitress then inside and outside, then are they not she say sorry, sorry just like that of a usual drink

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