Severely pulling a handful, “then you chase me, do not ask how much it?Ok?I know that sweet to coax you marry!Let me think about how good the cause of the problem?Economic issues?Fertility problems?Co-wife is not it good fooled?Girl could not bear the right!”


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  ☆, finale

  Chapter seventy-ninth finale – I love you
  Comrade Lin pinch wife is too heavy rock, the next morning the pain still covered.A painstaking miserable old father, looked at his wife and daughter are suspected elbow out Shui, had bitter tears the whole pharynx to the stomach, on a full day classes, finally after work, at night, had to pinch nose sideways eyes, snappily put away into his winter also just bought the car did not take long, take along to go home for the holiday.
  Because the older generation now separated the two provinces, the Chinese New Year reunion, they have two city after a long absence.
  Cheng Bobo and Cheng Bomu two people are very generous waved his hand, give way to winter along XIA go away, thanks to two years to the elderly, the beginning of three and then fly away with XIA their side.
  Although not married it, but two are juniors followed the grandparents grew up, was gone for several years, to a

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