The General Assembly was not scared of the dead, but in the twilight Xing found that she saw him kill the process, the reaction was so excited.strong.He said that every word she knew how, together mean, she can not read.


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  ”Have you ever known me?”She sip a sip chapped lips, dry throat unbearable.
  How else to explain his phrase “I know you do not like me to do these things.”?She obviously had no time to say anything.
  Xing twilight moment of expression becomes difficult to see, he shook his head, no longer see her eyes down.
  ”I’m not afraid of you, these people deserved to die.”She moved out of bed, soft stepped foot on the ground, so that does not pull its weight, the body back tossed away, he quickly pulled her hand.
  Several days without eating properly, she looks haggard, his eyes filled with tiredness, lack of water from the lips of the white skin, Shen licked her finger pressed by his arms.
  ”I want to drink water.”Sound is terrifying, the people he was half in his arms, is completely dependent on his posture trust.
  She chose to change the subject, he has no longer entangled the meaning of words, but he did not respond she looked silly, until she scraped with a fingernail scraping his skin, he only

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