Xiao, “I think you should take a trip to the police station, or go to visit the psychiatric hospital.”


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  ”You let me go!!”Liaoxiao Xiao Feng caught it early, Feng early escape, and was a scratch in the neck.
  Zhang Yun security let up, interrupted thought there live, but whether it is big or small ancestors live platform, did not stop mean, he also did not open.
  Liao Xiaoxiao see the security came, he cried, cries for help for help, live commentary of all the wonderful work that Liao Xiaoxiao.
  Lu seventy-one waved the security release Liao Xiaoxiao, “What do you have to say, though that.What you have to do, even though doing.To continue your performance tonight, while you have not a minute, but you’re acting, you can definitely send headlines.”
  ”Then you will be more warm and shame!!!”One of the security surrounded Liaoxiao Xiao Yu Miaozi,” You let her in what a mad dog biting it, and quickly let her get out.”
  Lu seventy-one pulled up a chair to sit down, “doing it, more interesting, ah, this is the culmination of it live today!Besides, bribery eat the expense, selfish and shameless, shameful and sinister man, she is, and I have to do and heaters?There are so many criminals it, do the Earth is evil on earth?No mouse droppings fell into the pot, porridge or gruel good.”
  ”Xue Shao Yan is a mouse droppings, do you defend her, that is, guarding a pot of mouse droppings were destroyed rotten porridge!!”Liao Xiaoxiao bite the snow Shao Yan, refusing to let go.
  Zhang Yun is really nervous, because of snow Yan Shao

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