Yoder and other secretaries in the name of negotiations to stabilize the People’s Liberation Army, and then let the “Amethyst” was a night to escape, and thus he won the British Government Honors.The Hou Youde and mid-1978 to mid served as British ambassador to China in 1974, the British government is in a minority situation in China is well aware of diplomats.Yoder took over as Governor of Hong Kong can be seen, the British government has begun to prepare for the next central negotiations.


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  In fact, MacLehose age far beyond the maximum age of the Governor overseas territories, but its ruling throughout the seventies in Hong Kong performance is very good, so after the expiry of his term in office has repeatedly won the British Government.MacLEHOSE going to retire the news is not what Confidential, after all, his age was already there, but exactly when retiring but there are variables.In order to let him go as soon as possible, Li Xuan in the dark is also a lot of power, this also paid a check of 500,000 pounds sterling.
  If the new governor took office late next year, so he spent a few months time to become familiar situation in Hong Kong, Sino-British negotiations will almost started, no time to take into account the governance of Hong Kong.But if the new governor will be able to take office early, it introduced a number of policies in their favor to persuade the new Governor Li Xuan aside enough time.
  ”Qiang Qiang” The first episode is called “Hong Kong’s industrial crisis and opportunity,” after the next continuous multi-stage column will be around Hong Kong’s industrial expansion, we will completely put this topic sizzling.The target for Li Xuan, of course, is not yet appointed Governor.
  Positive non-intervention policy does not mean laissez-faire.This is more intense rhetoric if issued when a new governor took office, it is inevitable to extract confessions suspected.

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