Under speak for themselves.”


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Cattle stake is a talkative, and Zheng is this if not together, or else do not know how to speak clearly, there is now only anxious to stand aside, edgeways.
“Pursuit things keep telling me that, this child out of pity, I have looked worried, but I do not know, in the end how the matter?”Stern said Jiang Chu.
Cheng sigh, frown and said: “This also blame me, did not take control of Jiro wife, I have been thinking about her temper pungent but not bad heart, so although they were also substandard for a long time, but also never thought she would do such a thing, the lady discipline, and I know you’re bound to get angry, can things are now, I do not want to argue, and tomorrow morning, I took Jiang Yan Shi Tao to kowtow to plead guilty.”
Cattle stake hastily asked: “I, my young married woman where ah?She had a miscarriage, the body will suffer a loss, called yesterday a man run so far, you can not have any thing?I can not see her?”
Jiang Niu Chu looked at this man’s attitude was so sincere, looking also eased a little, see, this cow family who still true

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