Wuhan Iron and Steel traced to lay off some employees to retire people at home ahead of the rest


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The unprecedented downturn in the steel industry on the occasion, in the first phalanx of Wuhan Iron and steel industry launched a massive "downsizing"。
14 It is reported that Wuhan Iron and Steel Group is likely to lay off people, shares of Wuhan Iron and Steel plans to lay off 6196 people。 Beijing News reporter on the 14th from three independent news sources confirmed the news at。
Evening of March 14, Wuhan Iron and Steel Group said in a statement, there is no "cuts", "retired", "temporary knock off" and other measures did not change the relationship between wages and labor relations workers。
When layoffs were, and some have signed a "resignation" contracts an iron and steel industry, told Beijing News reporter, said media reports of layoffs accurate digital。
He sent a layoff list, list shows Wuhan Steel shares will lay off 6196 people, the list issued on December 8, signed as general manager of Wuhan Iron and Steel shares office。 Beijing News reporters from local sources learned at Wuhan, Wuhan Iron and Steel is currently ongoing mass layoffs, work to promote the orderly, and the staff has accepted the resignation of the conditions given in terms of the company。
Wuhan Steel shares an employee but quickly hung up the phone after turning Beijing News reporter, only he said, "and the factory has signed a contract, inconvenience to be interviewed."。
Beijing News reporter to call Wuhan Steel shares to employee identity steelmaking plant, a responsible person, when asked about the large-scale layoffs, the person said, and now the company does have layoffs, but Internet rumors not the whole letter。
"Quality, efficiency, reduce labor costs, this is the trend。 Of course, younger workers would be treated differently。 "The official said。 Some employees will take early retirement, rest home Beijing News reporter obtained a staff reduction program showed that job cuts mainly targeted the workload is not full, is not competent job of work, there is no competition and other workers, they will be through early retirement, rest home, etc. channel quit post。 Official website information display, Wuhan Iron and Steel Group is the founding of New China in the construction of the first large iron and steel conglomerate, which has for six consecutive years into the "Fortune" Global 500 list。
But the industry downturn make Wuhan Steel shares performance under pressure。 Three quarterly show this year, the first nine months of Wuhan Steel shares significantly to loss, loss billion and net profit plummeted by 200%, while in the first half of this year, Wuhan Steel shares are still more than 500 million yuan profit。
Layoff list above shows the change of layoffs and performance Contact。 Wuhan Steel shares owned energy power plant, cold rolling plant and other factories of layoffs, we have reached 600-700 people。 Cold-rolled products in first half revenue of about billion, significantly reduced% over the previous year。 Zhang Lei, a senior analyst on the stencil to Beijing News reporter said that although the cuts will help reduce the burden on enterprises, but only by layoffs, companies are still unable to overcome the present impasse。
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