As big and strong as a bear, lying directly in the pan of a new body, started a number of indescribable eyes and very hot scene.


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  We are aversion to cold, even the leaves white is not willing to look at, with the exception of Mo Jin, also in high spirits meal holding a cell phone video.
  After the centipede storm in the past, a new Pan found a place, almost did not spit stomach all things, is damn big strong artificial respiration is a very disgusting thing.
  Out of cell phone, check for a long centipede colorful things about, and if this stuff really is highly toxic, artificial respiration alone is certainly not enough.
  Search results are not good, a real find out the results of a new Pan entire people have a gas explosion!
  Not poisonous?
  Dare fucking kidding me!
  At this point a new Pan finally come to understand, what is choking to death, what artificial respiration, are false.
  Mo Kam was his favorite person, a new Pan naturally do not hate her, just the desire to conquer the hearts strengthened some of it.
  The heart of all the hatred, all transferred to the leaf white body.
  Is this kid, just that it must centipede thing he gave Mo Kam’s idea!
  Son of a bitch, really forced me to kill

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