, Conservation no matter how good, can not help a slight sigh, some of his frustration, said: “A few years gone, ZM United Airlines are increasingly strict regulation.”


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He did not come to see identity cards, male waiter frowned and lowered his voice and said: “You want to take your Take, procrastination do, is not this absolutely does not your boarding pass?!”

Father one pair of eyebrows Wei Zhou, male waiter looked at him and said: “Young man, do not speak Taichong, so is your anger is too busy.”

Father listening mouth is such a word, Wei Zhen An eyebrow pick some interest, so a look at this really is not what the average person Father.

Male waiter apparently not good temper, he saw the old man left behind a coat, are they just no one to accompany, so much older even a bodyguard are not, absolutely nothing is a background of ordinary people, the more the face immediately darkened.

But also angry eyes looking at male waiter, waitress quickly pulled him, the old man did come up with a first-class business class ticket, if the name of what are right, that is, their guests, although then look down, but If this attitude is the foreman seen, by the curse it is definitely their two.

Might as well wait, etc.

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