What is wrong, so you finally meteoric rise, you’re in love.”


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  ”Do not party, I believe only in response to his [email protected] Yu Chak please respond to you quickly – a direct denial, do not accept other answers.”
  ”Fans want to play really, ah people with whom to go through you agree to listen to your views?”
  ”As a fan, if it is true, I do not know what to say.”
  ”Bo Dina.A pair of good, I feel I can accept it.”
  Donna rushed to the spot Ze Yu’s home page, an afternoon gone, his microblogging number of fans evaporated over one million.
  She looked up at Yu Ze, Yu Chak open the phone interface also shows the microblogging home, he apparently saw the number of fans evaporation.
  Two men standing face to face.
  Donna did not speak, the first step in a small room door open.
  Yu Ze ripped off the mask thrown on the seat, holding Donna strode out of the.
  When Ferris wheel has been long queues before, who suddenly saw the small room out of fear Chak and Donna, invariably screamed.
  ”Yu Ze!”
  ”Look, is Yu Chak!”
  I heard screaming sound one after another.
  Donna trot behind him, Little Red Riding Hood falling from his head, falling out of a golden hair, behind crowd sounded great surprise

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