Three monkey into the world


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In the past, the forest is home to a monkey.Monkey hard-working boss, a man at ease, her second child smart and capable monkey, monkey third child pay attention to wear, my mother always used to give pocket money to buy new clothes.One day, the three monkey monkey mother called me and said: children, you grow up, I’ll give you each $ 100 of your own to go outside for another try, okay?Monkey boss just out of the house, began to think I get a job.He walked, hit upon an idea: I can open a small restaurant it!He took out one hundred, rented a house, with his superb cooking, monkey boss quickly upgrade this small restaurant has become a hotel.Monkey do her second child?His dream is to open a clothing store, but not enough money ah, he had to first open a grocery store, at the beginning, the second child of monkey business is not very good, but with the wisdom of her second child monkey in exchange for life thriving blink of an eye, monkey the second child became a big supermarket shop.As for the youngest monkey thing every day thinking about buying him clothes, well, the money ran out, the youngest monkey had to find a job, but there is no craft, to do the cleaning, but he still did not know saving your money and buy clothes blink of an eye from the crevices of the fingers slipped out.One day, the youngest monkey to monkey supermarket to buy clothes of her second child, he saw his brother so wealthy, surprised, and asked: Brother, how you are so full of it?Nothing, but I save nothing.Monkey second child answer.Wow!I should also save miles!Said the youngest monkey.what happened to you?Monkey second child asked with concern.Monkey youngest lowered his head, to get things exactly repeat it again.Since then, the youngest monkey also trying to make money, control the number of buy clothes, a few months later, becoming the youngest monkey and the two brothers as rich.To recommend the latest information sauna

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