Qujing court concluded nearly three years of financial dispute involving Bank 6671


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  Kunming, March 16 electrical (area should Hongyan Jiang Juan) reporter on the 16th from Qujing Intermediate People's Court was informed Qujing city court nearly three years of completed cases involving financial disputes Bank 6671。
Among them, depositors savings deposits unauthorized removal of the contract dispute is increasing。
  Nearly three years, the city of Qujing court concluded the case of financial disputes involving the bank's 6671。 6598 in which civil and criminal 73, the subject involved amounted to 3.7 billion yuan。 Civil cases in 2015, 1313, 2016, 1982, 2017, 3303, 2017 and 2015, compared with an increase of 152%。 Enforcement cases involving bank financial 2073, the implementation of the subject of the application of $ 1.7 billion, amounting to one hundred million yuan execution in place。   Qujing Intermediate People's Court introduced civil cases mainly financial loan contract dispute, more than 90%, mainly involving criminal credit card fraud, is 68, 93%; some banks to increase the number, 2017, the lawsuits a bank up to 1130 , accounting for 34%; depositors' money being taken away from unauthorized savings contract dispute is increasing; mutual UNPROFOR phenomenon prominent guarantee chain, funding strand breaks caused by "multi-meter domino" effect; involving financial fraud, loan fraud by the Bank presents "the ghost" involved in the trial and execution of "judgment rate, and withdrawal rate, litigation cycle is long, low rate of implementation in place."。
  Qujing City Intermediate People's Court, Yuan Xue Hong said that the court will further establish and improve financial mechanisms to adapt to the new trial implementation, such as changing the delivery mechanism, improve service efficiency; determine specialized service tribunal cases involving financial disputes, tried to enhance the quality and efficiency; increase enforcement, innovation and implementation of property disposal; the establishment of mechanisms for communication and coordination with financial institutions, to strengthen the effective convergence, prevent financial risks。 (Finish)。

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