What gift should I give her in the 38th Festival?


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Don’t think that Women’s Day is the exclusive right of married women. Anime Spring Look people can also enjoy this festival, which belongs to all women.. As an excellent suitor, how can you miss such an important festival if you want to win her heart further?? Hurry up and prepare a mysterious gift for her to show her sincerity on this special festival.. As for what to send to her is appropriate, it will only be known after passing the test..    1、. When two people get along, do the people you like often play the woman to you??   Yes -2 No -6 2, did she say in front of you that she especially likes romantic plots?   Yes -3 is not -7 3, do you think she is a sensitive woman?   Yes -4 is not -8 4, what will happen to her if you forget her birthday?   Angry -5 complains -9 5, if there are only two choices, which do you think she would prefer to spite you in??   I want you to say “I love you” every day -A forces you to stay close to her -B 6, when shopping, will she pull you to see the women’s articles??   Yes -7 won’t -11 7, when choosing an item, she will care more about the following contents: the appearance of the item-the function of the 12-year-old item -8 8, does she think the expensive items are better?   Yes -9 won’t -13 9, when buying clothes, she usually cares more about the following contents: brand and price -10 style and quality -14 10, which aspect of your advantages do you think she cares more about?   External conditions-C personality -D 11, do you think she is a woman who loves beauty?   Yes -12 years old is not -2 12. is she a simple, straightforward and easily satisfied woman?   Not -3 yes -13 13, did her childhood live in a pure and beautiful world?   Yes -14 years old is not -4 14, do you think you have enough understanding of her thoughts?   Yes -15 is not -5 15, according to your observation, you think she is more concerned about men’s following contents: sincerity -E thoughts -F test results: a, flowers the following contents: the object you admire has a unique pursuit of ceremony, which is more popular in the acceptance of gifts. Although she never talks about how much she likes flowers, she still cares in her heart.. If you unexpectedly appear in front of her with a bunch of beautiful flowers, I believe her excited expression will make you feel wonderful.. Delicate and charming roses, delicate and elegant lilies and graceful tulips, no matter what kind of variety you choose, you should remember to match it with a disgusting and sentimental remark full of affection so as to win the heart of the beautiful woman with certainty..   B, chocolate the following content: most girls can’t resist chocolate with rich taste, and she you like is no exception.. Although Valentine’s Day is over, in inside, the biggest festival for women, you can still choose a box of beautifully packaged chocolate and send it to her by express to show that you have always taken her to heart.. Of course, don’t forget to attach a love letter telling your heart. How can she resist your enthusiasm if she is sincere and thoughtful in creating gifts?? Remember, love is like a machine, it needs maintenance to be used for a long time, and every festival is a day of regular maintenance..   C. Jewelry: Jewelry and jade have always had Fatal Attraction for women. Regardless of age or size, women will naturally feel good when they see those sparkling things.. Don’t feel weak because you can’t afford expensive diamonds. Your lover is not Dollar Girl, she values surprises.. A bracelet with a special shape, or a ring representing your heart, are all gifts you can choose.. On a starry night, isn’t it a romantic thing to send her jewelry that sparkles like stars??!   D, watch the following content: she is more practical, like functional gifts, so it is not suitable for sending some fancy useless things. A watch with beautiful appearance can be decorated and has practical value. It is most suitable for you to give her as a gift.. However, it doesn’t seem interesting to send her a watch alone just like this. If you want to send it, send it to a couple of watches.. This is tantamount to announcing your relationship to the world and making her feel more secure about this relationship.. However, don’t be greedy for cheap and send her inferior products, in case they break down after wearing for a period of time, this is not a good sign..   E. Handicraft: She has a special liking for delicate and beautiful small things. A lovely hairpin may have touched her heart.. However, no matter how beautiful things are, they are not as kind as what they have made with their own hands.. Find a time to study in some small DIY shops and make a simple handicraft to send her. She will surely be moved to tears.. If you really don’t have this talent and condition, you can only spend money to buy one for her.. However, in order to show sincerity, you’d better choose your own packaging, somehow also called personally done.   f、. Doll 21: Girls have a childlike corner in their hearts. For them, fluffy dolls are not only a tool to recall childhood, but also a symbol to show that you value her.. You have a pure and lovely little girl hidden in her heart. It is most appropriate to send her lovely doll Mao.. If you want to be more creative, you can stick your photo on the doll’s face, and then tell her the following sincerely on her face: when she is angry, you can beat the doll against your photo to vent.. Besides being touched, what expression can she use to repay you?!?

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